Build system for OS/2 Tools is up and running

The so far missing build system for OS/2 Tools is up and running, yet it only supports OS/2, Debug, IBM VisualAge C++ for OS/2 3.08. So for the developers or daring users, executables can be produced now. A brief invitation for volunteers should not be lacking: some tools need some polish :) Have fun, Patrick Haller

An ancient project finally made it to Netlabs ...

Finally ... after starting work on some OS/2 tools even back in 1995, it took six years to get the project finally on Netlabs. As of current, the project is not really beneficial for everybody, since the build system is missing. As soon as we've to a build system that neatly produces the executable images, they will be offered for download immediately. So guess, what's on top of the priority list.

OS/2 Tools is about a set of command line tools, some small PM utilities, and some results of experimental OS/2 kernel hacking. So even if you don't feel the need to use DF, DU, ..., you might find some interesting source snippets there.

Happy hacking !

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